About Me

Heyyy! My name is Jacque, (pronounced Jackie) and I’m a work from home Mom to a Kick-Ass kiddo named Joy. I love to eat, so therefore think I’m a pretty good cook. Prior to motherhood I worked in the restaurant biz, so I have few skills up my sleeve (but nowhere near professional). I meal prep in my spare time. I love taking pictures with my Samsung Galaxy phone camera (High class yo!) and edit them with Lightroom CC. They are no where near “Instagram Perfect” but we have fun with the tools we have. I do not have an Instagram husband, or any husband for that matter. Marriage isn’t for us, but we’ve been happily “partnered” for a long time (funny story, neither one of us knows when we met, it’s been that long, so we don’t celebrate anniversaries. Everyday is a celebration) I’m a very schedule orientated person and get a little crazy when schedules are broken/changed. I’m working on it. I over use emojis. It’s my thang! I get my best ideas while I’m in the shower.  I generally forget those ideas and then remember them while I’m nursing the babes. And then forget them again, because mombrain.  I say things like “totes adorbs” ironically because I think I’m funny. I write like I talk: fast, jumbled and starting a new thought every 5 seconds. Try and keep up!

We Like Selfies! #keepitclassy