I’m in love with a ring sling

I love baby wearing.

My babe loves being worn.

We have tried quite a few different carriers and this PuraVida Ring Sling is by far our favorite!

This is not a paid post. I am not receiving anything for writing this. I just want everyone to know about it!

Are you into baby wearing?

Do you know all the amazing benefits of wearing your baby on your body? The best reason in my opinion is that your baby is close to you and you still have the

ability to use both your hands. I am a busy body. I like to be doing things. Sometimes it’s hard to do certain things when you only have one free hand. Or no hands if your babe needs ALL the hands.

Other great reasons to wear your baby are:

  • Babies that are worn cry less.
  • Baby wearing promotes an amazing bond and confidence for mama and baby.
  • It keeps mamas and babies healthier.
  • Wearing your baby can help with postpartum depression
  • It can also aid in easier breastfeeding
  • Babies worn in a carrier help promote learning and social development, the lists are vast!

My second personal favorite is a little on the selfish side too, but I love the snuggle. Joy is at the age where she wants to move, she wants to crawl and climb and she’s even trying to walk (while holding on to something) so she doesn’t like to cuddle very much anymore. But when we’re slingin’ and she lays her head on my chest, it’s the best! My mom heart melts a little.

So let’s talk about ring slings. There is definitely a learning curve to using them, but if you practice, take your time and don’t get frustrated it can be so easy and quick. No crazy long tails like some other wraps, no buckling and strapping up. It really is the easiest baby carrier I’ve used. I am not an expert, but if you’re interested I would love to share a tutorial on how I use our ring sling. Let me know in the comments.

There are a plethora of different ring sling manufactures, it is essentially just a few rings with some fabric attached to it, but our favorite brand is PuraVida. Pura vida means “pure life” and they’ve modeled this snuggly soft sling to feel like it. They are inspired by paradise and made with love. These slings are the most natural, simple and soft eco-friendly baby carriers, made with both bamboo and linen fabrics. Bamboo gives them a soft silky like feel, and is very eco-friendly and the linen is extremely strong, woven from fibers from the flax plant.

For a lack of better words, it is so buttery soft and amazing. I feel like I’m wearing something made of silk is so great! And let’s not forget to talk about the best part of these slings, it has a pocket woven onto the tail! A pocket! NO more trying how to figure out how you’re going to carry your phone and keys and wallet at the same time so you can take the best selfies during your walk while your baby snoozes against your chest. There’s a pocket!

A pocket!

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