Sometimes, The Dishes Can Wait.

Sometimes, The Dishes Can Wait.

I find it hard being a work from home mom. How do I prioritize the important things? I write schedules, I have reminders for everything, I even schedule in when I’m going to empty the dishwasher. I need that kind of structure to thrive and make sense of the day or I spin out of control trying to do all the things at the same time and yet never finishing anything.

I’ve never had a desk job, I’ve always worked on my feet in retail or restaurants. I am a mover and a shaker, I like to be doing something at all times. I will usually have some form of anxiety (mild or severe) when tasks are left undone. This is something I’m working on, something I’m trying to be more chill about, but it is who I am. I am aware that it’s not the end of the world if the clean clothes sit in the dryer for a few days, and that things don’t have to be perfect all the time, but I also know that eventually I’m going to have to fold those clothes, or do those dishes so why not do them now?

But sometimes, the dishes have to wait.

Sometimes your babe just needs your full undivided attention.

Sometimes your baby needs all of you!

Maybe they’re teething, or going through a growth spurt, maybe they’re bored and just miss you.

Sometimes, you have to stop and focus on them.

Sometimes you have to sit in a rocking chair in the pitch black room and just hold them.


Sometimes when they can’t sleep, you have to lie down next to them and give them some peace.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hungry you are or how badly you have to pee, you hold that baby tight and let them just have all of you.

Because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring and how many more moments there will be like this.

I know sometimes it can suck, sometimes it can be annoying when all you can think about are all the other things you could be doing, but you are all they know and find comfort in you and that should give you comfort. (Sometimes it drives me nuts, but were not talking about that. Lol)

How often do you let yourself be still? How often does your baby need you?

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