The Good Enough Mommy

Sometimes it helps to put a name to the face and a face to the name.  Sometimes in the virtual world I think it helps to learn more about a person so they aren’t just a name. If you read my About Me page you now know a little bit. But that’s just the beginning, there’s always so much more to know. So I’ll start, I’ll be the first one in class to raise my hand and share my truths:

  1. I love wearing lipstick. If that’s the only makeup I wear for the whole day I still feel pretty put together. It adds a pop of color and makes me feel good!
  2. I only wash my hair every 4 days.  I absolutely dread hair washing day. And I really don’t know why. My hair isn’t that thick nor does it take me that long, it’s just such a chore. It’s taken me a good few years to work my way up to the 4 day stretch, it didn’t happen overnight, but it’s pretty bad ass and something I’m kind of proud of. It’s the little things.
  3. I never wanted children. Ever. I know I’m not supposed to say this out loud, but I never pictured myself with children. EVER. I never knew how to act around kids and they definitely didn’t peak my interest in anyway. I still can’t understand what my niece says (she’s 3) and it kind of drives me nuts. To say my life has changed is an understatement. But I love it, most of the time.
  4. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 22 years old.  I live in a city with a ton of great public transportation and it just wasn’t high on my priority list. I think I was also a little afraid to try because what if I failed? I’m so dramatic sometimes. I’m probably one of the most cautious drivers because an accident seems like the end of the world and we’re all gonna die kinda situation, but I’m ok with that.
  5. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in 8 years. I HATE DENIM. Some of this has to do with the fact that I could never find a pair of jeans the fit me the way I wanted them to (I have thin legs and fluffy middle) but most of it comes from the material itself. I hate the way it looks and feels. Gives me the heebeejeebees just thinking of it. I’m very thankful for yoga pants, leggings and dresses.
  6. I don’t need to drink coffee, I just like to. I hate admitting this out loud. Most people look at me like I’m crazy. Like how do you do it? I wake up ready to go and chatting up a storm. I have the most energy in the morning, and can get so much done as long as no one is in my way. I drank decaf coffee for 2 years. I do love coffee though, I now drink half decaf cuz #momlife.
  7. I can’t draw, but I can paint pretty pictures.  Every picture hanging on the walls of my apartment were painted by either me or my sister. My dad was a great artist as well and I looked to his paintings as inspiration. But I can’t draw for squat! It takes me 15 minutes to draw a perfect circle and even then it’s a struggle. Give me some paint and a brush though and I’ll create masterpieces. I also haven’t painted anything in 3 years.
  8. I’ve taken a letter-board picture with my daughter for everyday of her life. It all started when I was pregnant. I saw a funny mom with her daughters, a camera and a letter-board on Instagram and I was hooked. Her boards were hilarious and witty and I wanted to be like her. We also used to give Joy a voice, even when she was still in my belly. We used to give her such an attitude and it was fun. Now we do them in real life and still narrating for her. It’s just a part of our routine now. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook. We’re pretty funny!
  9. I could eat eggs for every meal. I love eggs! I really don’t think this needs anymore explanation. Scrambled, hard boiled, sunny-side up, over easy, quiche, frittata, poached. I love them all!
  10. I love baby wearing. I started wearing Joy in a Moby Wrap as soon as she was 8 lbs. (the minimum recommended weight for that wrap) and it was pretty cool! I could hold her close to me but still have access to both my hands. Limited access, but I could do things like cook dinner and eat dinner. It was great for a while but then my sister introduced me to her Baby Bjorn. I loved it for hiking and walking and Joy was big enough to face outward and she see what I could see! She was so happy! But I wanted something where she could get closer, something less bulky and I found Ring Slings. I love love love a good ring sling. She’s so close and so secure. And nothing beats a good baby snuggle in a sling. When she lays her head in the crook of your  neck and coos. Heart, melts! There are many benefits of baby wearing and I agree with them all, but really I just like the hands free-ness and the snuggles. They’re the best!

    So, that’s me. Share a little something about yourself. I can’t wait for many more conversations soon!










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