The Journey Begins

Soooo, why write a blog?

Why share all the details of your life online to be scrutinized and judged  by strangers?

Or maybe even ignored?

Especially a Mommy blog.  There are so many Mommy blogs littering the internet already.

Welllll…..Why not?

When I was a brand new Mommy I read A LOT of Mommy blogs.  I had so many questions and was so terribly under prepared (let’s not lie, I still am) and found so many answers to life’s little questions on being this new Mommy thing.  I still Google every little thing and me &  WebMD are BFF’s, so  I don’t pretend to be a pro, (my little is only 8 months old) but I feel like I’ve learned and grown a lot in these 8 months and I want to share my journey.  If just one person can use my advice, or love a product I recommend, or laugh at my completely nonsensical ramblings, or even love and try a recipe I’ve shared than my job here is done. My name is Jacque btws. If you want to know more about me and my fambam head over to my About Me page and give it a read, we’re pretty cool.

I’m on a mission to share and connect with other Mommys, Moms and Mamas. I know you’re out there; sweatpants on, emotions running wild, tiny human attached to your hip (figuratively, of course) and wanting to talk about how motherhood has changed you. How you’re not the same person you used to be, and even though you’re struggling with this daily,  you’re becoming OK with it. I feel like this will be a fun conversation starter.  Watch the blog for more deets.

Another mission of mine is to stop Mom shaming, stop Mom guilt and start being more kind to each other. We are all doing the best we know how and don’t need the constant judgement of others weighting us down. I am a victim of it!  I’ve seen other Mommys doing a bang up job at life, and then I see myself:  in the same sweater I wore yesterday, the same mom bun I slept in and still wearing maternity pants and wonder “how I can be like them?” Or how another baby the same age as Joy is so much more advanced in this or that and she hasn’t shown any interest yet. Am I doing something wrong? Did I forget to make sure she gets the right amount of tummy time and exercise?  Do the solid foods she just started eating have enough vitamins and nutrients?  Is my breast milk good enough for her? Did I read her a story today… on and on an on.  This is not to say we shouldn’t share our accomplishments with the world, LIKE HECK YEAH, you are rocking it girl! But I/we need to stop looking at them and wanting to be them. Be you. No matter who you are, be you! I will write more about the things I will not feel guilty about. The list is long!

So, that’s all I gots (not a typo) for now, thanks for reading and can’t wait to share more. I look forward to getting to know you and yours!

You. Are. Good. Enough! (even when your hat is crooked)


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